CoE Grand Challenge Scholars Program



The ESI Center sponsors the Georgia Tech CoE Grand Challenges Scholars Program (GCSP). This Program encourages the development and growth of a diverse and dynamic community of students and faculty who are committed to engaging the most pressing challenges facing the global community.

Grand Challenges Scholars will develop individual plans to fulfill the five curricular and co-curricular components:


  1. Research experience related to a grand challenge.
    This project will have a sustained duration of two or more semesters focused on a challenge of importance to humanity.
  2. Multidisciplinary learning experience:
    This requirement can be fulfilled through completion of two courses with a GC focus in the social sciences,  arts, humanities, public policy or international affairs.  It can also be fulfilled by participating on a multi-disciplinary design project.
  3. Entrepreneurship experience:
    This component focuses on translating an invention or innovation into a commercial venture linked to a grand challenge. 
  4. Multicultural experience:
    Participating in this activity will deepen a student’s consciousness and motivation to bring technical knowledge to bear on global problems. This experience could be overseas through the Office of International education, Engineers without Borders, Engineering World Health or in an under-served domestic community.  It can also be fulfilled through coursework.
  5. Social Consciousness experience:
    Develop/deepen social consciousness and motivation to bring technical expertise to bear on societal problems.

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