Opportunities for Undergraduates

The ESI Center has several options for undergraduates to get involved. Click on the links below to learn more about these opportunities:

Design a product by joining the ESI VIP team.
A collection of ongoing projects are selected from corporate and non-profit organizations. All projects aim to improve the lives of the under-privileged domestic population or people at the bottom of pyramid in the developing world. Click the image below to learn how you can make a difference with the ESI VIP Team.


Become an ESI Grand Challenges Scholar.
The College of Engineering joins twenty other universities in offering students a unique opportunity to address the most pressing challenges facing humanity by participating in the Grand Challenge Scholars Program. Fourteen grand challenges were identified in 2008 with input from leading engineers and scientists.



Conduct research as part of an ESI ORS or UROP team.
A team of undergraduate ECE students at Georgia Tech are designing and implementing a prototype for a hut nano-grid as part of the Opportunity Research Scholars program. The nano-grid consists of a solar panel interfaced with an LED light, cell phone charging port, and a rechargeable battery via a charge controller designed and built by the students. The end product will be efficient, reliable and sustainable.


Fulfill your graduation requirement by working on an ESI Capstone Senior Design team.
Consuming contaminated drinking water results in 3.6 million preventable deaths each year. Therefore, providing clean drinking water to people in developing countries was the ultimate goal of this project. Students worked with Safe Water Now (SWaN), a nonprofit organization that has established a facility to manufacture water filters in Tanzania. The output of this project substantially increased the rate at which the factory manufactures the filters.

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Propose a social impact engineering project by submitting a Project Proposal. We welcome your ideas!